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Panic Attack on a Train

This blog is slightly different. This is a typed up version of what went through my head when I ended up having a panic attack on my way to Aberystwyth at the weekend. It was my first panic attack in months and I probably didn't handle it very well. Hopefully this blog will help y'all… Continue reading Panic Attack on a Train

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Running at 35%

I didn't write on Monday and it's for a number of reasons. The main one being - I didn't have a sodding clue what to write a blog of at least 400 words about. I didn't have one idea. So, I went to my muse (my sister) and she said 'conspiracy theories' or 'Hitchcock Films'… Continue reading Running at 35%

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Series of Tunnels

A tunnel doesn’t last forever, and other car drivers want to help you. There is always a light at the end, even if it does seem far away. Right now, I’m stuck in a tunnel and it’s starting to become darker and heavier. People are calling out to me trying to help but I can’t accept it. I put on a brave face saying I can do it, I can get out of the tunnel. I say I’m fine. One day, I’ll get out of the tunnel. I’ll follow another car, someone will get into my car or I’ll feel God with me.