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Going Home

It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, actually, it isn't. I only missed one upload but it feels like I have not written to you, my lovely small community of readers, for quite some time. As I mentioned in Wednesday's blog (all that time ago) over the weekend I headed to the place I call… Continue reading Going Home

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The Need for a Tangent Flag

There are a couple of things I could write about today. I could write about leading a Bible study (something I did yesterday) or I could write about how just one person can make a seemingly terrible day become okay again. In reality, I know I will probably not write about either of these topics… Continue reading The Need for a Tangent Flag

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When the Opportunity Comes

Today, has been a pretty good day. It feels strange to write that after yesterday (Wednesday) where I wrote that I came home disheartened and quite down... but let's not dwell on it and focus that today was a good day! There were many elements that could have made today a good day. Maybe it… Continue reading When the Opportunity Comes

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No Longer Slaves

There is a worship song that I particularly like. It's called No Longer Slaves by the powerhouse couple that is Jonathan and Melissa Helser. They have written some of the best worship songs in history. If you want to take a listen to this song (which I highly recommend), check out this official lyric video: No… Continue reading No Longer Slaves

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He is Risen! | Dear Me

  Dear Me, I think this is going to become a regular bloggy thing. Today, this blog is positive. And that is a very good thing indeed. First things first Happy Easter. Jesus is alive! He paid the ultimate sacrifice and paid the ransom for us - "For God so loved the world..." Today you,… Continue reading He is Risen! | Dear Me

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Nothing in the Way of God’s Love | Romans 8

God loves us for who we are. None of us are exactly the cleanest of the bunch, we’ve all done stuff and will continue to do stuff that upsets Him. But He still loves us. He is our heavenly father. He’s forgiven us, He’s saved us…there is nothing left for us to do to gain His love. We just have to love Him.

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Saved by the Grace of God

He sent His Son because He loves us. We don’t deserve His mercy or His grace. Yet, for those who believe – we have it. Christ died for us, who would do that? It’s ridiculous – that’s why it’s so amazing. We are reconciled with God because of the sacrifice of Jesus. I find that amazing, and because of that sacrifice – we can have a relationship with God.