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To My (Un-Official) Adoptive Parents

To My (Un-Official) Adoptive Parents, Here's something I want to say. I could never get the courage to speak the words to your face no matter how many times I rehearsed the lines in my head. As I lie in bed trying to get to sleep as the world around me feels bleak, tears well… Continue reading To My (Un-Official) Adoptive Parents

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Visiting my Happy Place

Everyone has a happy place. A place that they can visit in their minds eye when the world seems bleak, when there is no light in the darkness, when all they want is for the sky to collapse on top of them. Sometimes, we visit our happy place when we ourselves are indeed happy. This… Continue reading Visiting my Happy Place

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The Ramblings of a Bored Dog Sitter | Day Six

Thursday 6th August Nothing much has happened today. I walked the dog, watched TV, stalked my social media when I was connected to the internet. Not much happened. I'm still quite sad and today I know why. It's because I miss people. I miss my friends who are in Aber, only half an hour away,… Continue reading The Ramblings of a Bored Dog Sitter | Day Six

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The Ramblings of an Anxious Dog Sitter | Day One

Saturday 1st August 2015 This morning started early for me, early being I was up and dressed and feeding myself by 9am. On a Saturday, who does that? Anyway, I watched some TV and about 10am I decided it was time to take the dog for a walk, so I got on my coat and… Continue reading The Ramblings of an Anxious Dog Sitter | Day One