2018 · anxiety · depression · lonely · mental illness

Little Things

Over the past couple of weeks, scrap that, for as long as I can remember - I've been feeling really rather shitty. Sure, I can put the perfectly edited pictures up on Instagram and I can tweet to my hearts content. I can even put on the smile and play Good Cop Miss Hughes at… Continue reading Little Things

2017 · anger · depression · lonely · mental illness

Here We Are Again

This blog comes to you from a train, because what else am I going to be doing on a November Friday night? This train is going to Aberystwyth, because where else would I be going on a train on a November night? But, for the first time in forever - I do not really want… Continue reading Here We Are Again

day 5 · dog sitting · lonely · sad · The Ramblings of a Sad Dog Sitter

The Ramblings of a Sad Dog Sitter | Day Five

Wednesday August 5th. Sad. It's a small word but it can mean a whole heap of things. Sad. It can mean you're just a tiny bit sad that it's raining outside or it can mean your whole world is crumbling around you. Sad. That's how I feel today. I don't really know why I feel… Continue reading The Ramblings of a Sad Dog Sitter | Day Five