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Why Does God…

I was asked an interesting question last week, I won't say who asked me the question but I will tell you what the question was: Why does God allow you, and many others, to have mental health problems? Good question, right? And I had to try and come up with an answer. Something was telling… Continue reading Why Does God…

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Real Talk

I'm going to get super real now. More real than anything I've ever written. There will probably be swearing so if that offends you, I'm not sorry. Sometimes you just have to say fuck it and move on. Tonight, I had a break down. An episode. A whatever you want to call it. My brain… Continue reading Real Talk

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To My (Un-Official) Adoptive Parents

To My (Un-Official) Adoptive Parents, Here's something I want to say. I could never get the courage to speak the words to your face no matter how many times I rehearsed the lines in my head. As I lie in bed trying to get to sleep as the world around me feels bleak, tears well… Continue reading To My (Un-Official) Adoptive Parents