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This is Me

You may have heard of a film recently: The Greatest Showman. A film all about P.T Barnum and his circus. I had the great pleasure of getting to see this film for the first time at the weekend. Belated I know. I've had the soundtrack on repeat and found myself bopping along wherever I go. As I… Continue reading This is Me

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Saying Hello to 2018

So, 2018 is finally upon us. Where on earth did 2017 go? It feels like it went by in a flash – I can remember celebrating New Year last year so clearly. Well, as clearly as I can. 2017 was a funny year; funny in the sense that I can’t remember much pre-April. That’s kinda… Continue reading Saying Hello to 2018

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Thanksgiving on the Blogosphere

It's Thanksgiving Thursday, so a big Happy Thanksgiving to any of my American followers/occasional readers/I don't know what I'm doing here readers. I hope you're all having a fabulous holiday celebrating however you may be celebrating. We don't really celebrate Thanksgiving here in the good old United Kingdom, but that does not mean that I… Continue reading Thanksgiving on the Blogosphere

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Visiting my Happy Place

Everyone has a happy place. A place that they can visit in their minds eye when the world seems bleak, when there is no light in the darkness, when all they want is for the sky to collapse on top of them. Sometimes, we visit our happy place when we ourselves are indeed happy. This… Continue reading Visiting my Happy Place