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Falling in love with Fall

Autumn is officially here. And this makes me happy. I haven't fully appreciated Autumn in a few years. Living by the sea, you don't really have big, willowing trees over hidden avenues. There are no paths littered with the darkened red confetti thrown by the trees. Now that I'm back in England - I'm falling… Continue reading Falling in love with Fall

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Get Ya Head in the Game

I went back to Aberystwyth this weekend and I did not want to be there at all. I didn't have the energy, I could feel myself getting sick and I've only literally just got back. There is nothing in the world that could have changed my mind. As I said in my blog on Friday,… Continue reading Get Ya Head in the Game

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Visiting my Happy Place

Everyone has a happy place. A place that they can visit in their minds eye when the world seems bleak, when there is no light in the darkness, when all they want is for the sky to collapse on top of them. Sometimes, we visit our happy place when we ourselves are indeed happy. This… Continue reading Visiting my Happy Place

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Panic Attack on a Train

This blog is slightly different. This is a typed up version of what went through my head when I ended up having a panic attack on my way to Aberystwyth at the weekend. It was my first panic attack in months and I probably didn't handle it very well. Hopefully this blog will help y'all… Continue reading Panic Attack on a Train