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Thanksgiving on the Blogosphere

It’s Thanksgiving Thursday, so a big Happy Thanksgiving to any of my American followers/occasional readers/I don’t know what I’m doing here readers. I hope you’re all having a fabulous holiday celebrating however you may be celebrating.

We don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving here in the good old United Kingdom, but that does not mean that I don’t have things to be thankful for. It’s almost like I planned not writing a post yesterday in order to write one today…in all honesty, I didn’t plan it. I simply didn’t have anything to say yesterday but then I was inspired!

So. What am I thankful for this year?

A hell of a lot.

2017 has been an incredibly rough year. I got thrown in head first into my job which I love, I started doing more forms of ministry at church and my mental health has taken a serious bashing. This year, I am incredibly thankful for family. Not just my blood family, but my godparents too. They have been my rock more than just this year but this year in particular, I have taken particular notice. My sisters are always there to give me a pick me up when I need it, making me proper belly laugh. They’re honest, they’re rude, they’re loving. Mostly. We’ve been on some adventures this year – Edwyna and I ventured to London a few times, there have been visits to Oxford to Cardiff, going home to Aberystwyth.

We’ve had a hard time being sisters. I am well aware that other people have had it harder than us but our relationship strained when we were split up in 2010. This year, since I came back from uni, we’ve been able to reunite and connect once again. To become the Hughes sisters, the three musketeers. It’s been wonderful. Obviously, as in every family people get frustrated and angry and need space but I’ve not felt that so much this year. At least, not so much that it’s affected me deeply.

My godparents are a God send. Literally. Both sets of them. They’ve been there when I needed them and given me space when I didn’t want to talk. I’ve been able to grow, learn and rest in their presence. To my Dorset family – you gave me a place to get away and forget about the world for a while. You helped me to understand my family a little more, plus, I got to sleep properly for the first time in months. To my Brackley, now that I’m in the area it is more evident that you are there for me – nothing is too small.

Hugs are another thing I’m really thankful for this year. That sounds weird, I know, but hear me out. Everybody benefits with a hug – the hugger and the hugee – even if it’s the worst hug in the world. I’ve been told I give a good old cwtch and when I give people a special Louise hug, I feel gooey inside. But when someone gives me a hug – everything outside of the hug melts away. You can ask someone for a hug and not need to tell them what’s going on. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I have days in the year that are Hug Louise Days; days that are particularly troublesome, that bring back bad memories or anniversaries. On these days, a hug is all I need. I don’t need someone to tell me they understand, or try to make me talk. All I need to someone to take a couple of minutes to be with me. On the latest Hug Louise Day, I only got one hug – from my lovely teacher friend at work – and even though it was rushed and a little forced (thanks loyal Yr8 student) I felt much better.

I even got another unexpected hug from the lovely teacher friend today, again thanks to my little lovely.

Finally (there are a few things I could write but I could go on all night) I’m incredibly thankful for this blog. I’ve had this blog now for roughly four years. That’s a long time to try and keep something. During the summer holidays, I revamped my blog, changed the direction I was taking it and tried to blog more seriously. Usually, I love writing blog posts. I’m making my voice heard. Sometimes, in all honesty, it can feel a bit like a chore so I’ll just disappear without telling anyone. This blog has become a place of healing, a place of storytelling and a place of love. When I first wrote this blog, I was definitely doing it for my own gain – now, I’m trying to write for others. I hope I’m succeeding. As I continue to blog and it grows, I hope that the words I use will inspire, allow people to heal and to show people struggling that they are not alone.

Happy Thanksgiving – what are you thankful for?


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