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Using My Voice

I’ve started watching this guy on YouTube. I can’t remember which video I watched first or why, but something about him captivated my attention. There is one video in particular that caught me hook, line and sinker. He was at a safari place and his safari guide had an audience of about 10-12 people in the truck. This guide was using this opportunity to educate his audience and in some ways, to influence them. The guy I watch on YouTube made the comment “I have a bigger audience than this safari guide, so how can I use my influence? My power?” Obviously I am paraphrasing slightly…

That statement came back to me as I sat on the train back from Cardiff. FYI, I frigging hate trains. It’s when I’m on trains that I realise how much I hate other people. Eurgh. Anyhow. Back to the topic, I got to thinking – how can I use this blog? How can I use the very little influence I have? There are 57 people following this blog (hi!) but I don’t get 57 views. Ever. On average I get around 9. So, how can I influence, educate and/or inspire those 9 people. Or should the question be, can I influence, educate and/or inspire these people?

I work in a school at the moment and the reason I love my job is because I get to educate and inspire these young people. Having worked with children and young people since I was 14, getting paid to do it is great! When one of my students is having a bad day, on the whole, they feel able to come to me and I will try to give the best advice I have to offer. Generally, it’s using bits of my past (without breaking the boundary between personal and professional) to connect with these kids. Maybe that’s what I’m trying to do here, with this blog.

In my 22 years on this earth, I’ve had a lot thrown at me: depression, bullying, bereavement, loneliness, anxiety, being looked after… the list goes on. I try to use all this stuff to help my kids. I also try and make them smile or laugh at least once in the conversation. I don’t know what these kids see in me. I’m young, have very little experience but these kids seem to like me. I’ll enter a room and I’ll get the calls of ‘Miss Hughes!’ And when it was my birthday, and I despise my birthday with a passion, I was sung to by four different groups of Year 7. Apparently, because they like me. Weird. So how can I use my voice in my job to educate, encourage and inspire these kids?

I know I don’t have much authority, and I’m well aware that I’m still very young but I want to use my voice to do good. To educate, inspire and encourage. Will you allow me to try and do that? I want to tell you about my life, my mental illness and my mountain of problems in order to hopefully help you with those in your family, friendship groups and work places.

This blog is still going through the changes; I’m trying to figure out how to best utilise it and make it work. When I’m going to post and how often I’m going to post but I hope you continue to join me on my personal journey of self discovery, allow me to use my small voice and who know what could happen.

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