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Kipping on the Floor

I spend a lot of my time on buses. It’s not because I spend my life travelling or because I particularly like buses: I don’t drive. I just haven’t got round to it yet. I wrote this on the notes section of my phone (and then typed up on my computer), because on this particular bus journey I began reminiscing about one of the best time I had with some of my friends. None of these memories are within the last year, but my subconscious brought them to the fore front of my mind and purely for egotistical reasons – I’m going to share them with you.

One of close friends at uni was someone called Mel. She was in the year above me but we went to the same church, ended up in the same Bible study group and essentially had the same group of friends. In my first year of uni, Aberystwyth was struck with some terrible storms. The whole of the west of the UK was if I remember rightly and Aber was affected. Badly. Living in seafront halls, I was evacuated a few times.

One of the times I was evacuated, it was announced in a lecture, I had one hour to work out where I was going to go for a few days and let the uni know. I could either travel back to Banbury hoping and praying someone would let me crash, I could get the uni to put me up in a room on campus or I could find a kind citizen in Aber to let me kip on their floor. I put out, as many would in this situation, a Facebook plea – and Mel got back to me.

Mel and I weren’t particularly close at this moment in time, we’d shared some moments, laughed and talked but we weren’t ‘best friends’. Yet here she was, offering me a floor to sleep on until it was safe to go back to my flat. During those few days – Friday to Monday – Mel and I got to know each other quite well. We watched movies – I particularly remember that this is when I watched Frozen for the first time and fell in love. We jammed on the guitar and Mel tried so hard to try and teach me how to finger pick… it didn’t work. We talked. We talked long into the night once, long after we had settled down to go to sleep. I can’t remember what we talked about, but in the darkness of the room we got to know each other. More than we had previously got to know each other.

As I think back on that horribly stressful weekend, Mel was there to offer an ear, a floor and joy. I’m incredibly thankful for that, I’m incredibly thankful for Mel too. She was there when I needed her most, even when she didn’t understand what was going on in my head. I hope I was as half a good as friend as her.

This is just one occasion which when I think about it, makes me smile. I think it came back my conscious mind today as I was humming a Frozen track on the bus – I just remembered that moment. It’s important to have those moments that drag you back to a happier time. It could something as simple as something offering you a cup of tea or in my case, someone offering me a floor to sleep on. I may decide to share more of these memories with you because I feel they show that happiness is possible even when the world around is dark and horrible and it feels like there is no hope.


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