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He is Risen! | Dear Me


Dear Me,

I think this is going to become a regular bloggy thing. Today, this blog is positive. And that is a very good thing indeed.

First things first Happy Easter. Jesus is alive! He paid the ultimate sacrifice and paid the ransom for us – “For God so loved the world…”

Today you, I, went to church and sang in the band. That was a totally difference experience to any other Easter Sunday service you’ve, I’ve, been too. Being involved, I felt like I was really singing those truths. Seeing the congregation engage, seeing all our children and young people get involved… plus, there was chocolate. But don’t worry, you, I, haven’t eaten the egg we got. We’re trying to be good though we find ourselves failing more often that not. We’ve got to get on that… Something that the pastor said in his sermon today has stuck with me. He said, “today is the day the hope we have is realised”. Well, words to that effect. Today, we (Christians) rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He died on that cross for us and He rose again. He is our hope, our peace, our salvation. He wants to pick us up when we can’t pick ourselves up.

Now, we both now we struggle with that. Let’s be totally honest – we need picking up a lot of the time. We are more than capable of picking up other people, gluing them back together but when it comes to our own life – we’re not so good at that. And, we fail to turn to Jesus for help. He should be our first port of call but much to my shame, He isn’t. But that’s what He wants to do – He wants to pick us up! We are broken, you can’t fix yourself, but Jesus can. And today I was reminded of that.

Today you, I, also went for lunch with some people from church. How do you think that went? Let’s break it down. This morning you straightened your hair, did your makeup, put on a pretty dress and walked up to the church (might I say, I think you looked quite cute). Now, I know how I felt when arriving at church this morning. I was a little anxious about going to these people’s house for lunch. I mean, we had had a week to prepare but it didn’t make it any less daunting. We’ve been for lunch with them before but this time it was in their house on Easter Sunday. When we were at St Mikes, we had been at the church for longer than we’ve been at Brackley before going to someone’s house for lunch… I guess we were just thrown into the deep end.

Other people from the church also came for lunch, people we also know vaguely well, which made the whole experience a little less daunting. There is just something about sharing food with people that make people a bit more comfortable, isn’t there? The food was lovely and kept me full up until I got back home, which is always a good thing. The conversations were flowing and despite not being at the church for long, and being a ‘young person’ I was able to connect and laugh: to have fellowship.

Christian holidays have been difficult for us for a few years, haven’t they? I can’t pinpoint where that starts. Was it when Mum died or was it when we moved placements? Was it when we fell out with Dad? Was it when we went to uni? Or was it when we went to uni that we began to heal around Christian holidays? Because if we think about it, Christmas of first year our Fairy Godparents housed us for the entirety of the Christmas holidays. They included you, me, in their family things: treated us as part of the family. And Easter at uni always involved going to the same couple from St Mikes for lunch, sometimes alone but sometimes with others. And that made us feel welcome and wanted: loved.

And as I lie in bed writing this to you, me, now, listening to Bethel live I can’t think of a better Easter Day than today. Today, I actually reflected on the joyous occasion of the resurrection. Today, I thought about the truth that Jesus wants to pick me up when I can’t pick myself up. Today, I thought about the truth that my debts are paid because of Jesus. Today, you spent most of the day in fellowship with members of your church family. And though it was awkward at first, you settled in and genuinely felt a part of something.

You’ve, I’ve, felt alone for so long but maybe now, we’re finding somewhere we belong. We’re getting involved, we’re finding our feet. We’re happier more than we’re sad? We have a job that we love (for now). We’re part of a community where everyone is different and that’s okay. It doesn’t matter where we come from we’re still accepted.

And on that note, I’m going to sign off. But I’m going to leave this video here, a Phil Wickham song that just reminds me how much Jesus loves us. And the sacrifice He made for us. I love this song, you should learn to play it.

Happy Easter Louise, until next time.

Me, You, I.


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