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Step in the Right Direction

Today, I had a delightful evening.

I might even go as far to say, the best evening since I left Aberystwyth and university. I know, who knew? These things can happen.

This evening, I went out for dinner with what is currently called ‘The Young Adults group’ from the new church I attend. A group hoping to bring together the few younger members of the church congregation and to have a specially designed space for them to grow and have fellowship together. In a non threatening Christian way. Does that make sense? Tonight, there were five of us (including the pastor and his wife, don’t worry they’re under 40) and it was a really chill area to make friends and have a laugh.

Something I’ve not really felt or had since leaving Aber and St Mikes.

St Mikes was great. It has a thriving student community and events designed especially to capture the minds of the students who spend 3,4,5 years in this small seaside town. I grew so much as a person and as a Christian when worshipping at St Mikes, but since leaving I’ve felt distant. Distant from friends, distant from family: distant from God. I’ve distant despite throwing myself head first into this new church community by becoming one of the leaders of Sunday School and by sharing my gifts: but it’s not Aber.

But tonight something clicked. Yes, I’ve left Aber. Yes, I’ve left all my friends behind or we haven’t spoken since that fateful graduation week. Yes, I’m a graduate not knowing how to use a stupid drama degree (and education). But that doesn’t mean it’s the end (this is the end of all the fighting [music emoji]) in fact, it’s only the beginning.

Sure, I don’t know what I’m really doing with my life. I’m applying for every and any type of job even if they’re not what I want to do in the long run. I’m going to start tutoring my sister through her drama AS level. I’ve got new DBS’ so I can work with children and try out new ideas. I’ve got all these skit ideas running through my head.

And all the time in the world.

Leaving Aber and walking into the ‘real world’ was a big shock, I’m not going to lie to you. And as all the grown ups tell you, the big wide world is a scary place. I guess I’ve known that a bit more than other 21 year olds but it doesn’t make it any easier. I’ve been muddling through since June but now I realise that I am taking a step in the right direction.

I took a risk and I battled my anxiety to go out for a meal with a bunch of people I don’t know very well. I took a risk and jumped in with the kids and youth work. I took a risk in going to university. And me being me, I guess I will continue taking risks until I’ve taken the one risk that puts me right where God wants me.

And this all comes from one delightful evening with some delightful people and delightful food.


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