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The Ramblings of an Excited Dog Sitter | Day Seven

Today is my last full day of dog sitting! Whoop whoop! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to go home. I am hoping and praying that the owner actually comes back tomorrow like he said he was. So, this will probably be my last blog post for a while, just so you can have a break from my complaints.

I’m looking forward to going back to normality but you see, the thing is, I’ve got into a bit of a routine here. Waking up on average at 7.45am, feeding the cat, walking the dog, using the internet for a couple hours, walking the dog, watching TV, feeding the animals, walking the dog and bed. Everyday for the past seven days, that’s what I’ve been doing. As soon as I go home, I’ll retreat back to my non-productive life.

And when I say non-productive, I mean non-productive. But I need to loose weight otherwise my whole brain thing won’t get better and my consultant will not be happy with me in October. I just have no motivation what’s so ever. I could go swimming, I could get a gym membership, I could go for walks but I never do because something else always comes up. I know it’s no excuse and it needs to change, but I simply can’t.

My eating habits might improve though as whilst I’ve been dog sitting, I’ve gotten used to only eating one bowl of pasta a day. At the beginning of the week, sure I ate a bit more but over the week I’ve cut down on what I’m eating and I think that’s pretty good. I know that pasta is full of carbs but it’s quick and easy and being in kitchens makes me a little uneasy.

Something else for me to be super duper excited about is that in September, Edwyna and I are officially going to see our favourite musical in London! We’re going to see Les Mis! And I can’t tell you how much we’re ooknig forward to having a sisterly date in London. It is the first weekend of Fresher’s Week however so I’m going to miss seeing people but seeing friends over seeing Les Mis? Les Mis wins everytime.

Fresher’s Week. Blimey, that’s coming around quick. My third (and hopefully) final Fresher’s Week. I don’t get involved in Fresher’s Week, it scares me. I’ll probably do more with the CU this year but other student life stuff? Nah way. It’s also my church’s 125 anniversary and I’m hoping to get involved in that a little bit. Hopefully.

Right, let’s end this so I can go and be excited some more.

Thanks for following The Ramblings of a … Dog Sitter.


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