Day 6 · excitement · friends · The Ramblings of a Bored Dog Sitter

The Ramblings of a Bored Dog Sitter | Day Six

Thursday 6th August

Nothing much has happened today. I walked the dog, watched TV, stalked my social media when I was connected to the internet. Not much happened.

I’m still quite sad and today I know why. It’s because I miss people. I miss my friends who are in Aber, only half an hour away, but it feels so far. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see them next week. But, I don’t just miss them. I miss my friends who have gone home for the summer, the friends I call upon late at night if I needed them. The friends who always bring a smile to my face.

Being in Aber over the summer is great, don’t get me wrong, but there are times when it just reminds me how much I rely on my friends. September can’t come round soon enough. Sure, it’s the beginning of third year and if I don’t pass every module I can’t graduate but in September everyone is back. I could literally burst from excitement that I’m going to be seeing my musketeers at Anna and Mark’s wedding; I’m in serious need of some musketeer hugs.

One positive part of today is that I managed to befriend the cat. Everyday, three times a day I feed her but she has never shown me any acknowledgement. Until today. She sat on my lap for an entire film and wanted stroking…it made me feel a little loved with a cat on my lap and a dog at my feet.

Not long until I can go home and I’m stoked. My own bed, my own shower, all the time internet and signal…

I wish our society wasn’t so focused on using the internet and phones. Being born in the 90s, I’ve seen the growth of technology and I remember my childhood of playing outside and with boxes but now I’m constantly glued to my laptop or smartphone. Why is that? What has happened to make me forget how to amuse myself without the use of technology? I used to read a book a day; now, I struggle to get into them. There are some authors I can read easily.

I can’t wait to go to church either. I’m in serious need of fellowship with other Christians, worship… so on Sunday, I will take full advantage of church!

Until next time.


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