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The Ramblings of a Loved Dog Sitter | Day Four

Tuesday August 4th.

I am feeling extremely loved today.

And that is because I got Skyped into the Bible study I was missing out on, it was fabulous. Obviously, it wasn’t as good as being there in person but getting to look at God’s word with my Brothers and Sisters was amazing. I totally needed it.

We finished looking at the first chapter of John’s Gospel and I’m starting to like this Gospel. John’s Gospel has never been one of my favourites but I think that’s purely because I’ve never looked at it in detail before. After spending the past couple of weeks looking at the first chapter, I can see why it is people’s favourite Gospel.

One thing that will remain with me from last night applies to every body. Christians, those searching, those unsure: everybody. The disciples were normal people. They didn’t have degrees or special jobs. They were ordinary people who Jesus welcomed with open arms, He picked normal people. And I think that’s something really important to remember. That anybody and everybody can follow Jesus. We don’t have to be anything special because He wants us to follow Him anyway. There is no age restriction, no medical checks… That’s pretty cool.

I’m definitely finding that being away from normality is causing me to rely and trust in God more, He’s definitely part of this dog sitting experience. I’m only half an hour away from town but that is still a big separation from the people I know and love; I’m super excited to go home on Saturday!

The dog is still behaving himself, and the walks are certainly getting easier on my part. At the beginning of the week, I would be out of breath before we had even got to the main part of the walk. Now, however, I’m not out of breath which is really encouraging. I think I’ll miss walking three times a day for at least 20-40 minutes. I mean, I could do that anyway but I have no self discipline or motivation. Plus, there are no real walks around town compared to the walks I’m doing with the dog. Basically, I’m making excuses for myself.

I really should see if there is anything for me to do before lectures start again in September but I really can not be bothered. And seeing as I have to pass every module next year, you would have thought I would be motivated. Maybe when I’m back in my safe environment.

Right, I think that’s all for today. Not long left now!


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