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The Ramblings of an Exhausted Dog Sitter | Day Three

Monday August 3.

8 magpies, 4 teas, 3 walks, 2 phone calls and one bunny rabbit later, day three of dog sitting is coming to a close. Nothing that exciting happened today, but I am really beginning to feel highly isolated out of town with no one to talk to. Writing these blogs is probably the only thing stopping me from going insane.

I really missed going to church yesterday so it was a nice surprise when I got a text from someone at church this morning. This person is a more middle aged member of the congregation and she is one of the loveliest people I know. She said something that struck true with me though, she said that maybe this time where I am isolated is God’s way of telling me to take a break, to breathe and to rely on Him. And if you read yesterday’s blog, you’ll know I wrote about that.

And I think she has a point. I don’t think I’ve ever taken this much time to pause. Despite being on my holidays since June and not doing a lot, I never took the time to pause and really reconnect with God. I may be watching a lot of TV and wishing that I had constant phone signal but I am talking to Him more and I want that to continue when I go home on Saturday.

I struggle to spend time with God and last night before I went to sleep, I opened up my Bible and waited for God to direct me to what He needed to tell me. He directed me to Psalm 46. The first two verses being the most crucial:

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,

I first discovered this passage in a Bible study before the end of term and at the time it spoke to me but I was struggling in my walk with Jesus so I didn’t really pay attention to it. Until now. “God is out refuge and strength”, isn’t that amazing? We can rely on Him to hold us and to keep us strong. We do not have to fear as God has it in control. I just want to encourage you that although things may seem out of control, God has it. It’s in His hands.

God’s pretty awesome. And it shows it in so many different ways. One of my old teachers from way back in my GCSE days messaged me on Facebook a while back and we were having a nice conversation today. She offered to write me a reference for when the time comes. That’s pretty crazy! She was talking to me about options for using drama not in an educational capacity, but none of the options were what I have in mind. One of my friends from Stagecoach (theatre school) text me today and we haven’t spoken in forever.

I may be utterly exhausted and I may want to give up but God is carrying me through. I am humbled by His love and His grace. I may be the most anxious dog sitter and stressed walker but hopefully this will be a form of evangelism for the guy who seems to be against Christians, and against the church I go to.

We’re almost half way there.


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