Ranting Post

Hey, what’s up guys?

Something that has really pissed me off this week is people giving people hate or bullying them over the internet for the whole world to see and it’s something I feel really passionately about so I’m going to hate a little rant, I’m sorry but I can’t exactly do it in a video without losing the little following I already have.

As you may know, if you are an internet hobbit like myself, that Dan Howell aka danisnotonfire uploaded his channel trailer earlier this week. Many of his comments were negative and bullying and just plain nasty. I was scrolling through tumblr was I was discovering a f*ck load of negativity towards him and his trailer and whatnot. Making videos is hard work! Coming from someone who has just started making videos, I know how much work it takes! I don’t put as much effort in as Dan does because a) I’m not good enough and b) I don’t know how. All the comments I was seeing were people saying that they had waited three weeks for the trailer which he was trying to make f*cking perfect us – the stupid annoying subscribers and fans that watch his videos. We can all joke about how long it takes him to upload or when he doesn’t load but it’s a JOKE. Not some law that we’ve created. He works a highly demanding job for the BBC, where he has an actual boss, and yes YouTube has taken a back seat but do we care? And with his actual video? What the hell was wrong with it? He put a hell of a lot of work into it to make his trailer funny and to make people subscribe to his channel. If you’re already subscribed, does it even matter? I mean come on dude – it’s almost 2 minutes of snippets from previous videos. He wanted to make it perfect. And maybe he wasn’t happy but there are some stupid people out there who pressure him. He does a live show most Tuesdays, he does a two hour radio show and we expect him to make weekly videos? He started making videos because he wanted to, as a hobby. He never expected it to become his full time job so why do people pressure him to come up with ideas left, right and centre? Why can’t people leave him alone so that he returns to being the Dan we all know and love?

And then yesterday, some horrible person went on anon on tumblr and said this to Will from shep689 on YouTube

you are getting fatter and fatter every day, and you are so insecure about it that you belittle RJ every single time you can, I really hope that RJ dumps you before the wedding, im sure he can find someone that will love him more than you


How can someone say that? I mean seriously dude! Firstly this is a load of b.s. What a load of crap. Secondly, Will and RJ are very much in love – they’ve been together for four years for Pete’s sake! It upset me and in their vlog today, it really affected Will and I’m not surprised. How are there people in the world who are comfortable with spreading such hateful messages and not having the guts to say who they are. That’s the worst part, he can’t see who it is. I love Will, and I love RJ and I can’t see why someone would say this.

I’ve been seeing a lot of this recently. A lot of hate and negativity and because I feel so involved in their lives because I spend my life on the internet I feel like the hate has been directed at me. I feel like I should be able to do something about it. It’s bullying. I was bullied right up to when I left year 13 from year 3 so I know what it feels like but I could do something about it because I saw the bullies every single day. Being harassed, and having negativity thrown at you on the internet is a lot harder to deal with. I wish they didn’t have to see it and have to pretend everything is okay. Will actively shared that he was upset and that takes tremendous bravery. But why can’t people who have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all? Keep those thoughts to yourself so you don’t drive someone to do something you have no control over. You have no idea how it might affect a person. I’m lucky, I haven’t had any hate on the internet purely because I’m only just starting out but  because I’ve been bullied for as long as I can remember I’ll be able to deal with it. We don’t know that about Dan or Will or any other YouTube personality, celebrity or normal person.

So can we please all stop and think?


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