Anti-Bullying Week

Here in the UK, this week is Anti-Bullying Week. A week where schools make a big effort to promote anti-bullying and what to do if you are getting bullied. Because I don’t have time to make a video, simply because I am too busy, I will write a blog post instead.

In previous years we’ve focused on Homophobic bullying or cyber-bullying. I believe the theme for this years Anti-Bullying week is cyber-bullying again. Simply because it is such a big issue in today’s society as everybody is on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube…even this blog post. In the last year of my A-Levels, I gave an assembly to the year nines about cyber-bullying. Well, it was about bullying in general but we picked up on a tweet that someone sent to the diver Tom Daley. It said something along the lines that he had let his late father down after failing to get a gold at the Olympics. I mean what the hell man? He did his best!

But the one thing that really gets on my nerves is Homophobic bullying. I gave an assembly on this as well…to the whole of the sixth form. It was based on when people call things “gay”. For example “Your phone is so gay”. Not only is that incorrect, it is offensive to those in the LGBT community. People may be homophobic but there is no need to voice your opinion in such a way that people can take offensive. Particularly those in religion. I’m a Christian, one of my best friends is gay. I didn’t “brand” him as my ‘gay best friend’ he did it himself. But he didn’t ‘come out’ to me for a while purely because I’m a Christian? Should we have this prejudice? Seriously, in the 21st century?

This is the most waffley thing I’ve ever written, I’m so sorry. I’ve been bullied. I was bullied throughout my school career, luckily I’ve not been targeted at university yet. But I don’t want to jinx it *touches wooden table*. It wasn’t nice being bullied, people think of bullying being physical. It’s not always physical, it can be verbal. Emotional. I was bullied in both those ways, it really affected me. Luckily I got through it but there are people out there who can’t do it. We need to crack down on bullies and what schools are going to do about it. Should there be an anti-bullying policy in schools? Er, yes. Should bullies be punished? Yes, I think so.

Basically, that’s all I’ve got. If you’ve ever been bullied I’m so sorry that you had to go through that. If you’re being bullied, talk to someone. People are always there to listen. Even if you think you’re insignificant.

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