I Have Something to Say

I Have Something to Say

I have something to say. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care where you’re from. I don’t care what social class you come from. Whether you’re male or female. I don’t care if you’re 8, 18 or 80. I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, bi. Christian, Jewish, Muslim. Life’s a bitch and it will throw so much shit at you but you are strong enough to get through this. You’ll get knocked down but you will get back up again. You are the most beautiful person inside and out no matter what anyone else says. And I know that at times it seems like you have no choice, but there is someone waiting for you, watching you and loving you. I love you. You mean the absolute world to someone, you are the reason someone wakes up in the morning. You are the reason someone smiles, the reason someone found something they enjoy doing. You are the reason that keeps someone’s world spinning. You. Doesn’t that feel great? You are beautiful, you are strong, you are courageous, you are intelligent (keep going with as many as you can think of)

My life hasn’t exactly been the smoothest of rides. It’s been up and down and so twisty and turny it should be its own roller-coaster at a theme park. I never really had anyone to listen to me, to talk to me, to hold my hand, to let me cry on their shoulder. I never had it. I’ve had it so bad that I did contemplate ending it all. But then I realised. That I had a reason to keep on living, a reason to keep on fighting. The two most beautiful and precious people in the world needed me. I couldn’t let them down, could I? Someone out there depends on you, needs you, craves your attention. Are you really going to give up?

I’m here for you. I will listen to you. I won’t have all the answers but I know what it feels like. You feel so alone in the world that you feel you have no choice. But listen to me. You will get through this. I promise you. You are strong.




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