Christianity vs Homosexuality

Hey Guys,

It’s me again. I thought I’d better write a proper blog after my introduction one and because I’ve literally just uploaded a video on Sunday I would share the added stuff that I didn’t put in the video. If you haven’t watched it yet go check out www.youtube.com/trudylouisehughes and it will be the video titled the same as this blog.

As I said in my first post, I am a Christian and people assume that because I am a Christian that there are things in modern life that I have a problem with. The main issue being LGBT people. I HAVE NO ISSUE WITH THEM! Whether you’re gay, bi, straight – I have no issue with who you are attracted to. I guess in someways that makes me quite a modern Chrisitan because I can see that the world around us is changing and that the older generation, Christian or not, needs to start accepting these changes. One of my best friends is gay, and when he told me I didn’t see as any different. He was still the friend I know and love, actually it made me love him even more because I was and am so proud of how comfortable he is and how happy he knowing what he likes. And he knew I was a Christian.

I know my Dad would have a problem with me if I said “Dad, I’m gay”. I think he would literally disown me because he is of the older generation (he’s in his 50s) and he holds his faith very closely. But my arguement for Homosexuality is, if God didn’t want men to love men, women to love women – then WHY plant the seed in our heads? We are born hetrosexual or homosexual or bisexual. It’s not something we choose. And a lot of gay people don’t ‘come out’ for years because they feel they will be judged, they don’t come to church in fear they will be cast out. We are in no position to judge you. We will not judge you. I will not judge you. Please know that.

Gay Marriage. Praise the Lord that it is finally legal in the UK. Marriage is a sign of neverending love and commitment, should it matter whether it is two men/women getting married? I don’t think so. If you love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them, then why do we stop them? People are in love, you wouldn’t stop a straight couple getting married! Another thing that bugs me is fostering and adoption, why should we stop a gay couple from fostering/adopting. Gay couples have only reccently been allowed to Foster in Scotland, within the past 3 or 4 years. It’s disgraceful. There are so many children that need loving homes yet some agencies and social services don’t allow gay couples. It angers me because God wanted families so why should we stop same gender couples being families?

I think my rant is over but be sure to check out my channel at www.youtube.com/trudylouisehughes. I will reply to every comment, and on here as well. Follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/mynameis_2long and tumblr at mynameis-2long.tumblr.com

Bye Guys,

Louise x


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